FBI’s Top Ten News Stories for the Week Ending October 17, 2008

1. FBI Coordinates Global Effort to Nab “Dark Market” Cyber Criminals

A two year undercover operation, Dark Market, which joined forces with international law enforcement, resulted in 56 arrests and $70 million in economic loss prevention. Full story

2. New Orleans: State Senator Pleads Guilty

Louisiana State Senator Derrick D.T. Shepherd pled guilty to conspiracy to commit money laundering. Full story

3. Washington Field Office: Defense Department Official Convicted

Former Director of the Security and Counterintelligence Directorate, Defense Threat Agency John D. Villaneuva was convicted on conspiracy and conflict of interest charges. Full story

4. San Francisco: City Official Pleads Guilty on Public Corruption Charges

Former member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors Edmund Jew pled guilty in connection with his scheme to solicit cash bribes from businesses facing licensing issues with the city. Full story

5. Houston: Former Enron Executive Pleads Guilty

Joseph Hirko, former co-chief executive officer of Enron Broadband Services, pled guilty to wire fraud and has agreed to forfeit $8.7 million in restitution to Enron victims. Full story

6. Newark: Former Republican Committee Treasurer Pleads Guilty

Russell Herzog, the former treasurer of the Branchburg Republican District Committee, pled guilty to misappropriating committee funds for his personal use. Full story (pdf)

7. New York: Immigration Lawyer Convicted

Ihab Tartir, an immigration lawyer, was found guilty of submitting false “green card” applications based on sham marriages. Full story (pdf)

8. El Paso: Executives Indicted for Embezzlement

Executives of the National Center for the Employment of the Disabled—Robert Edward Jones, CEO/President; Ernesto Alonzo Lopez, COO; and Patrick Woods, board member—were indicted for embezzling millions of dollars of government program funds. Full story (pdf)

9. Sacramento: Laser Tagger Sentenced

Jared James Dooley was sentenced to two years in prison for shining a powerful laser into the cockpit of a sheriff’s department helicopter. Full story

10. Detroit: Guilty Plea in Eco-Terrorism Attempt

Ian Jacob Wallace pled guilty to the 2001 attempted fire-bombing of the U.S. Forest Service property located on the campus of Michigan Technological University. Full story (pdf)

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