Canada election results 2008 early returns, Elizabeth May loses, Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe re-elected

Track Canada election results, by candidate, riding or province, at the Elections Canada Results page.

Preliminary Canada election 2008 results:




NDP – 34


Check for real-time updates to the Canada election results or at the CBC election results 2008 page.  All results are unofficial until all ballots have been counted.

These are subject to change as the night goes on and will be updated here every 20 minutes.  Last updated: 8:00 PST

Current prediction; Tory minority

Canadian Press Newswire filed a story declaring a Tory victory before the polls in BC had returned results. Read the Canadian Press story, Harper Tories win federal election.”

Canada election 2008 results headlines:

TV reports coming in from Atlantic Canada have Green Party leader Elizabeth May conceding defeat in her riding.  The Green party leader has lost her seat to her Conservative party rival Peter MacKay.

Green Leader Elizabeth May has lost her bid to unseat Conservative incumbent Peter MacKay in the Nova Scotia riding of Central Nova.

With 200 out of 217 polls reporting, MacKay led with 46.8 per cent of the popular vote to May’s 32 per cent. NDP candidate Louise Lorefice trailed with 19.6 per cent of the votes cast.

“All of you who are here tonight have made the difference in turning this camp into one that grabbed national attention, not because we were tilting at windmills but because we set out to do something right and we set out to do it for the right reasons,” May told supporters at her campaign office.

MacKay has now won his riding five consecutive times. He was the defence minister in Stephen Harper’s cabinet when the election was called.

“Thank you for your confidence,” MacKay told supporters after he claimed victory. “Public life is nothing without you.”


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