Democrats Release Sarah Palin’s Social Security Number

While the majority of Democrats play by the rules, a fringe group has attempted a full smear campaign on Vice-presidential candidate, Governor Palin.  The group has released a document called an opposition research paper including her Social Security number minus some digits.  It appears that with all of the spin doctors in full action that Gov. Palin is a threat to the Democrats in the upcoming election.

Barack Obama has been polling over 50% in the last few days.  Inside the Obama camp they are confident that Americans will make a decision for them in November.  Others outside of the Obama inner circle are not so sure and have continued to post rumors all the way from Palins last child is really her daughter Bristol’s child born out of wedlock.  To dispel these rumors, the McCain campaign released that her daughter is currently pregnant.  The net was flying with rumors about Palin having posed nude and in a two piece bathing suit.  Those rumors turned up to be false.

The last rumor was that Palin was going to drop out of the race today.  Palin is scheduled to speak at the Republican National Convention in Prime Time tonight.

The Politico has received an opposition research file from the Alaska Democrats.

In the file, the Democrats have released Sarah Palin’s social security number minus the last four digits. Also tied to the information are her various home addresses.

Back in 2005, Democrats used Michael Steele’s social security number to get his credit record.

It is atrocious that the Democrats would not only seek out Sarah Palin’s social security number, but release it in opposition research to the press.

We need to know who did this. We also need to know what happened. We also need to know if it was used to bolster the Democrats’ opposition research.

When it happened to Michael Steele, it turns out the Democrats knew about it and did nothing.

They cannot not take action now.

Documents detail Palin’s political life

Sarah Palin may be new to most Americans, but she’s not entirely new to the national Democratic Party.

Democrat Tony Knowles, her opponent in the 2006 Alaska gubernatorial race, put together a detailed, 63-page research document — obtained by Politico — cataloging Palin’s strengths and weaknesses. And the Obama campaign, in particular, knows Palin well: A key Obama consultant, Anita Dunn, worked on Knowles’ campaign.

“We’re running against John McCain — the issues raised around his decision and the fact that he clearly bowed under to the right wing of his party and let them exercise veto power over his vice presidential pick,” Dunn said, suggesting the Obama campaign wouldn’t be recycling the 2006 Democratic criticism of Palin.

“Whether it was Sarah Palin or Tim Pawlenty or Mitt Romney or somebody else, fundamentally that wasn’t going to alter the dynamic — which is that John McCain believes we don’t need to change the fundamental economic policies in this country,” Dunn said.

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